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Burlesque course for beginners in English - 8 lesson - Prague (ENG)

Burlesque course for beginners in English - 8 lesson - Prague (ENG)

"I feel great in my body and I am more confident" this is the most common feedback I hear after the course. 


Do you want to enter a glamour world full of feminine power? Do you want to learn some of the secrets of burlesque showgirls, feel great in your body and meet a community of amazing women?


It doesn't matter if you have or have any experience in performing or dancing! 


Mondays, 8x60 min., course starts on Sept 23rd, 7.30


Prague, Czech Burlesque School, Studio Naplno, Štěpánská 45, a few minutes from Wenceslas Square. Buzz NAPLNO and then straight ahead and downstairs in the end of the corridor.



  • At the first lesson you will learn what burlesque is and what it is not. We will have fun, among other things, about the myths associated with it.
  • You will try out burlesque walking and poses. 
  • We will gradually learn several choreographies with a dressing gown, gloves and stockings.
  • I will explain the basic principles of working with props or clothes. 
  • We will learn elegant high-heels choreography with feather fans.

You'll meet great women. The atmosphere is very friendly and inclusive. 


Something that makes you feel sexy and feminine. Find inspiration on the Czech Burlesque School Instagram Don't forget your heels! 

For whole course you will need: 

You can get in in my e-shop



3500 CZK for 8 packed lessons

early bird price till 31.07 is 3200 CZK



If you buy the whole course but after the first lesson you realise it's not for you you can email me within 24 hours of the course starting and I will refund the full amount minus 400 Kč for the first lesson. No risk, a lot of fun!


Do you have any questions? Email

    3 500,00 Kč Běžná cena
    3 200,00 KčCena po slevě
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