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Boost you selfconfidence

I teach women to feel confident in the body they have, not the one they wish to have. 

I opened Czech Burlesque School in 2021 and already worked with almost 100 students from all over the world during classes run in Prague, Brno and Kraków. My courses and workshops are open to everyone older than 18 years, it doesn't matter if you have some dance experience or not or what is your body type. I can run classes in English, Polish and Czech. I also provide private classes. 

During my courses you will learn a few easy but fun choreographies with gloves, robe or other pieces of clothing, you will receive some secrets of burlesque showgirls and enjoy your time in a body positive feminine and super supportive atmosphere!

If you have some question please contact me or check FAQ.

Overall: Again, great course, liked it and would recommend, and may even be back as Dirty Grandma :))! Watch it out!


In this course, instead on focusing on counting the steps and doing the right moves, you get surprisingly much more intimate with yourself. And with others in a way too, which I think is good!


I think this year I will wear a swimsuite! I feel much more comfortable with my body


I like it very much! It was informative and I've learned a lot about Burlesque besides jest "learning the moves"

Anynomous feedback




edition of courses


workshop in three countries


private lessons

Hello! It's Zorya Blue

Watch this short invitation to my burlesque classes. If you have any wishes, doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me